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To all BNS Members,

I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding permission for re-uploading/posting BNS subbed files to other communities.

As stated in our community profile, you may upload our releases outside BNS as long as you follow the rules:

1. You don't edit the file in any way.
2. Filename has [BNS] at the start.
3. Please make sure that you do NOT upload any of our releases on online streaming sites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, vimeo etc.


Project Lists

Hi everyone,

In view of the shut down of Megaupload, it's unfortunate that most of our files stored on the site are no longer available. I have been working on retrieving all the 207 projects BNS has released up to date. I will be taking a little while to get them all up and organized. Some of the older files could be missing too and while we're trying to get them figured out, I've prepared a list of projects BNS has released.

Collapse )


in case some of you are wondering what happened to the promise of keeping this old subteam alive, my other external harddrive crashed and i'm still waiting for a replacement enclosure so i can access the files in it. i have some uploaded already on MU but i'm still trying to organize them. some are missing already so i'm doing my best to locate if any of the other past subteam members, and members as well, still have 'em.

nways, happy -BerMonths everyone. ^^

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here's the official message of Johnny's Family Club as posted on their website.
everyone's safe, thanks God. i know we're all relieved to hear this news officially from the company but let us not forget that there are still a number of people missing, and others taken away from their families forever. let us continue praying for Japan ~ the land & its people. thank you.

update 2011-2

first of all, thank you for baboy_19 for the new layout. love it! love it! love it! if you love it as well, kindly give baboy_19 a shout out. ^___^

second, i have been trying to collate all the projects that BNS have subbed for the past years and i'm happy to tell everyone that most of them, i can have it re-uploaded. well, i have been uploading the projects i have kept the past week and i'll really try to get them all up before KAT-TUN's 5th Year Anniversary on March 22. still over a month away but that's actually very near already.

third, a friend asked me if BNS would only maintain an LJ community from now on or would still have a forum just like when it started. i'm still not sure as of now since i'm basically working alone to revive BNS. the most recent forum has been deleted, i think, for months now and i don't think i can have it up and running once more since it is a paid account. the old one, the original forum, on the other hand, is still working. and if i decide to get a forum for BNS just like before, i prolly would just have that orginal one working.

fourth, i'm wondering if any member is interested in joining the subbing team. i can do timing, typesetting & hardsubbing/encoding, but not translating. plus, i'd rather do the typesetting&hardsubbing jobs than timing 'coz i'm really slow when it comes to that. i'm not sure if i should still elaborate the duties of each jobs since i'm sure everyone knows by now. but if you still have some more questions, just give me a shout.

lastly, Happy Hearts Day minnasan.
enjoy & have fun today.

update 2011-1

greetings BNS peeps!

first, in behalf of the entire BNS Family (Admin, Mods & Sub-Team), sorry for the lack of update on the status of the forum and community. i'm not sure if the forum can still be recovered since i'm not its maintainer. but i'll try to keep the community alive. sort of. being part of BNS since 2006, it's making me sad to see it completely disappear. i'll try my best to keep it going.

second, fecundeety has called my attention regarding project links that are no longer existing and/or have not really been posted here. i have made a list of all the BNS projects since it started and i think i have more than half of it still. i haven't checked the old ones though since i already have them burned on cds/dvds. some are still in my MU account. kindly please be patient w/ me and i'll try to get things organize and such.

third, i will be needing help in the coming days since Ru-chan, sosweet56 , is really busy w/ school, and much of the older members are busy w/ their own real lives. i'm sure i'll be needing help w/ the community's layout since i'm not really good with overriding codes and such. will also be needing help in uploading projects that i no longer have. and if things go well, i'll try to make the sub-team alive again.

hopefully, 2011 will be a lot better for BNS. advance Happy Chinese New Year minnasan.

~je / akame_gurl2304

Missing Projects

hi everyone! sorry to have been away from this community for a very long time. i have uploaded a no. of projects for BNS since i hardsubbed a no. of them. will try and check out which ones are missing and will check if i have it in my Megaupload account. i haven't deleted any of the projects i have uploaded so they should be there. i also have most of BNS projects, if not all. i'll try to upload them too.

~ akame_gurl2304, hardsubber

A thought...

Some people are concerned about projects being lost if the forum doesn't come back. We were planning on moving all the projects here eventually, but it just wasn't a priority... I'd like to point out that a good portion of them are already available here in this community, if you weren't already aware. To save the ones that are not, I'd like people to comment here with the names/dates (not links!) of any projects that were released in the forum but not on livejournal. I will edit this post with a list of them. Once the list is complete (not beforehand, please), I will ask for volunteers to upload and send me links, and I will release the projects here as best I can, using the BNS account.

Sound good?

Hello, BNS fans

It's sad to say, but it looks like BNS is now dead. It's possible Ru (sosweet_jin) will come back to livejournal and reinstate the forum, but the team has already been dying for a while now and many people are not responding to messages. There are a couple of things I'd like to announce:

1) We will probably release soft subs for the Puzzle con DVD soon because it's too much of a hassle to get them to hardsub quality with the forum down.

2) If there are any translators who worked on a project that has not been released, please pm me soon so we can work something out to not let that go to waste. :) The same goes for anyone down the line in the subbing process - timers, typesetters, editors...

3) I had fun working with BNS, and I'd like to thank everyone for their support and hard work. Enshinge and I are both leaving the team now, whether BNS comes back or not. We have a lot to do for o_e_subs now.^^

You community members were awesome.&hearts

registration - new year


sorry for the lack of updates. But the registration is open again.
I will have it opened until the new year :) Feel free to register~
We will have releases for the xmas hopefully~ So pls look forward!

For any messages to me that weren't answered, really sorry.
Been too busy with school but I will get around to answer them soon :)

Enjoy the christmas everyone!