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Baka no Sekai

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Baka no Sekai [BNS]
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johnnys' entertainment, english subtitles
Baka no Sekai
Welcome to Baka no Sekai's LJ community for information on releases and so on regarding the Baka no Sekai sub-team (aka BNSs-T)!

What's this comm for?
Every time we have a new release, pending project, or an important announcement regarding the BNSs-T, we'll post it here to let you know and keep you updated. (^^)

What do you sub?
We mainly fansub videos related to Johnny's Entertainment. Though we tend to fansub the younger groups, depending on how many team members are interested, we do sub videos of any JE group.

I want to share your releases outside BNS. Is that OK?
We don't mind as long as it's not a passworded release. You'll need to make sure you don't edit the file in any way and that the filename has [BNS] at the start. Please make sure that you do NOT upload any of our releases on online streaming sites, such as YouTube because of a crackdown on their videos. Also, before sharing the releases, you NEED to read the rules & instructions.

Can I have softsubs?
No, sorry.

I have a question/comment.
Make sure it hasn't been already answered on the profile page or in the "Comments/Questions" thread. You can contact us by:
1. Email to ru0529@ogenkii.net
2. Send private message to bnsubteam
3. Via private message on BNS Forum to sosweet56

I want you to sub ___________.
Ah, as much as we'd like to sub everything, we can't. Lol. But feel free to make your suggestions. We will post when we are open to requests! So do watch out for them if you want us to sub anything! Alternatively, as a forum member, you can request here!

I would like to join the BNS sub-team.
Great! (^^) We're fine with part-timers or full-timers. (^^)
If you'd like to join the BNSs-T permanently, please click here:
Be a BNSs-T Member. YAYNESS!
If you'd like to join the BNSs-T temporarily (eg just for one project), please click here:
Be a BNSp-T... like Kitazawa...? XD

I want my sub-team to collaborate with BNS.
Surely. We'll need to work out a few things beforehand, of course. But please feel free to ask. Please contact us by:
1. Email to ru0529@ogenkii.net
2. Send private message to bnsubteam
3. Via private message on BNS Forum to sosweet56


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

The BNS Administration Team


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